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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Mom, Dad, and Baby

What to pack in your hospital bag

For first time parents, deciding what to pack and what not to pack in your hospital bag can be a tough decision. Afraid of forgetting something important? Don't worry! Keep reading to see our list of hospital bag must-haves.

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What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Mom

The hospital time will be long during labor but go fast and you will go home within the next day if everyone is healthy

Massage tools

So this is actually for dad to use — or at least it better be or else he’ll be in trouble. One item you will definitely want to have on hand is a massage tool, preferably a couple in case one isn’t doing the trick. We suggest using a rolling pin type massager, or an actual rolling pin, and a more precise massager.

Change of clothes

You may just spend the whole time in your hospital gown. If you plan on dressing for pictures. For when baby spits up or goes pee all over you, trust us, it happens.


Mom, you’ll definitely want to pack your beauty essentials in your hospital bag for taking pictures and just feeling good after all of that pushing. You’ll also want to look good if you’re expecting friends and family to stop by. If you don't 

Lipstick or lip gloss, eyebrow, and bb cream are all good items to pack in your hospital bag. Hospital air can be a little dry sometimes so think about packing a moisturizer if your skin gets dry easily.

Toothbrush & toothpaste

We recommend buying a new toothbrush for the hospital. Nothing cleans better and leaves your mouth feeling fresh than a brand new toothbrush. Also, if you use an electric toothbrush at home it doesn’t make sense to bring the whole thing with you.

Hairbrush & hair supplies

You may or may not want to shower at the hospital; if you don’t want to shower then we suggest bringing some dry shampoo (link to dry shampoo)

Lanolin for sore nipples

Lanolin is a priceless tool for the breastfeeding mom, Your nipples will get sore and lanolin will sooth them. As a plus, it’ll also help keep baby’s lips from getting chapped.

Depending upon the hospital this may be provided to you, however, you’re going to need some anyway so play it safe and bring your own. Since baby will be getting this in their mouth we suggest getting an organic brand (look up)


You may feel like eating when it comes to contraction, but right after you will find yourself shaking because you use all the energy after delivering your baby and not eating anything. Snacks will be lifesaver before re you get your ordered food.

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Dad

Camera, charger & extra memory card

Dad, you’re on photography duty so make sure everything goes smoothly by packing an extra memory card and keeping the battery charged.

Comb & any other hair supplies

You’re going to want to look put together in the pics as well. Pack your comb and hair styling supplies to keep everything in place.

Toothbrush & toothpaste

The last thing your wife wants to smell is your bad breath when you’re telling her, “You’ve got this babe!”

Extra shirt & pajamas

There’s a good chance baby will spit up or make some other mess on you. Or you may spill coffee down the front of your shirt because you’re so tired… so bring an extra. You will also need a comfy pair of pajamas, which you may decide to spend more time than expected in.


Whether you snack to ease your nerves or just because you’re too excited to sleep and need a midnight snack you will be glad you

Shaving supplies

Unless you’re rocking a beard, get your Dopp kit stocked with a razor and shave cream. A freshly shaven face will make you feel better and look better in pictures.

Phone, electronics, and chargers

These are important. You’ll need them to communicate, take pictures and videos. And, you risking be in neck deep trouble if you forget one of these.

What to Pack in Your Hospital Bag for Baby

Baby doesn't really need a whole lot of stuff from home. Usually, the hospital will provide everything baby needs.


Sure the hospital will provide these, but if you want to take family pictures, bring a cute outfit for baby too! Perhaps one that will match with mom.

Seasonal items

If you're having baby in the middle of winter, consider bringing along some mittens.


Keep baby’s feet warm with a cute pair of stockings!

Bonus Hospital Tip!

Even if mom doesn’t feel like eating a large meal, order the maximum amount of food available. You may want it later and if not, dad will probably eat it. After all, it’s already been calculated into the cost.