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Fun Bonding Activities for Children and New Babies

Child and Baby Playing Together

Having a new baby should mean lots of playtime for everyone in the family. If you have children and are expecting a new baby, we have some fun bonding activities for your children and their new sibling.

Have Your Child Share Their Day With Baby and Vice Versa

Have child tell baby about what they did at school and new things they learned each day. Then tell your child about what baby did that day. When baby reaches a new milestone, like crawling, talk about when your child reached that milestone.

Encourage Your Child to Sing Their Favorite Songs to Baby

Let Your Child know Baby likes it when they sing. Explain baby’s emotions of happiness and love for their sibling. Tell them how they’re helping baby learn.

Read Bedtime Stories Together

Telling them a good night story together is a great way to wind down the day and allow them to enjoy a common experience together every day.

Let Your Child Teach Baby

Letting your child sometimes play the role of teacher will prepare them for being a good role model as they grow up. A great way to start is when giving the baby hand-me-down toys have your child show baby how to use it.

Because it was their toy they will enjoy being the expert and teaching baby. This also can help them adjust to sharing with baby.

Let Your Child Share What’s Important To Them

If your daughter likes Disney princesses let her tell baby all about her favorite princesses and their stories. Encouraging your child to share what’s important to them helps them improve their verbal skills and learn to better express themselves. 

Create Time for Your Child & Baby to Bond Early On

If your children are in daycare, take them off a few days and let them spend time with new baby.

Do Skin to Skin Time Together

Everyone knows about the importance of skin to skin for baby's development and bonding. Make it a family affair and snuggle together!

Encourage Playing Together

Find toys they can both play with together. All natural, wooden blocks are often a good choice. You don't need to worry about baby sucking on them and your child can still have fun building with them.