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Daily Activities for Infants

daily activities for infants

Now that you have your new best friend, what should you do together? We've put together a list of easy and fun daily activities for infants. Ok, we’ll start out with the obvious two and then get into some activities that don’t necessarily come to mind when thinking about activities for newborn babies.

Skin to Skin

You’ve probably already been told about this 100+ times. However, we’ll say it once more for good measure. Skin to skin benefits babies with a better bond to their parents, being less prone to crying, and they have healthier blood sugar levels. Skin to skin is also thought to increase brain development.

Nothing feels as good as cuddling your baby skin to skin. And if it feels that good to you, it must feel even better for them. This is a daily activity for your infant that you'll both get great happiness from.

Tummy Time

Tummy time let’s baby exercise muscles they won’t use laying on their backs. They work out those little neck muscles used to hold their head up and look around. The core and arm muscles they need to crawl are also used during tummy time.

Time spent on the tummy can be skin to skin time as well. Letting baby lay on your chest, they’ll hear your heartbeat and be able to make eye contact as well.

Diaper Change

You might be wondering, how is diaper changing an activity? Letting baby help by holding the diaper can be their first experience in following directions and developing new communication skills.

Asking baby, “hold your diaper for momma!" and then asking for it back is an activity you can repeat very often since you’re constantly changing dirty diapers. You’ll be amazed at how quickly they pick up their new skill!

Feeling New Textures

Find objects around the house with different textures. If you’re into DIY, a piece of poster board, fabric scraps from the fabric store, and hot glue are all you need to make a texture board. Baby can lay down on it during tummy time and explore the various textures.

Babies love sensory activities. And while they're preoccupied, you can sneak away and steep that herbal tea you've been trying to make for the past hour.

Laughter Yoga

This is one of the most fun daily activities for infants. And it’s equally healthy for both parents and baby. While we could watch videos of babies laughing for hours; it’s even better watching your little one laugh while you laugh uncontrollably with them.

Will you feel a little crazy at first, making yourself laugh? Perhaps. But it’s totally worth it. Video of your baby laughing will be one of your most prized possessions. When you have to go back to work, a quick 15-second clip of baby laughing will brighten up your day when you're missing your little one.


Even though your baby may not fully understand what you’re saying, they will enjoy looking at the pictures and hearing your voice. Babies pick things up faster than we can imagine. They can begin connecting words and images early on, the sooner you read to them. Pointing out different colors and naming objects can be a fun way to encourage development.

Explore Together

Take baby for a walk either outside or inside, and help them explore their new world. Point to different objects, naming them as you go.

Outside, let them feel leaves, grass, rocks, and different plants. Inside, let them discover the objects around the house. Take time to explain what they're looking at and interacting with. They'll hear how to pronounce words and while they won't talk for some time, they're constantly soaking in information.

Have fun exploring together!