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Unforgettably Unique Baby Shower Gift Ideas

When looking for the perfect baby shower gift it's easy to choose something off the gift registry, however, with a little extra research, and perhaps some elbow grease, you'll be able to get the new mom a unique baby shower gift she'll never forget!

Handmade Scrapbook

Every parent would love to have a custom scrapbook for their child's memories. However, new parents are probably too busy to create one. Gift a handmade scrapbook and they'll remember you every time they add to it and look at it in the future. This unique baby shower gift will elicit oohs and aahs from all in attendance.

Custom Embroidered Shirts 

A onesie for baby & t-shirts for parents. Create something with a fun or personal message. If you go this route, purchase a 12 month & 2T t-shirt for baby as well. This will allow them to enjoy the gift for that much longer.

Themed Gift Bag

If you know the mother’s style put together a curated gift bag of cute baby items. Rockstar stuff for a musician mommy, nerdy stuff for a science enthusiast, modern stuff for a mother who favors modern design, Star Trek stuff for the friend who never misses a convention… you get the idea!

Family Photography Session

Photos last a lifetime and so will this unique baby shower gift idea. Don’t be afraid to ask the photographer if they’ve done many baby photo shoots and to see their work. Consider your friend’s style and if it matches that of the photographer.

Personalized Children's Books

New parents usually get more clothes than they can use (and that they'll outgrow quickly) so consider opting for a gift that will be useful in the months and years to come. We recommend custom bound books from Juniper Books - the Sweet Dreams Poetry Collection and Personalized Herve Tullet Collection are our favorites. Also, be sure to check out Juniper Books Children’s Book Collection or create a custom book set.

Heartfelt Handwritten Letter

A handwritten letter will be a unique baby shower gift a close friend or family member will cherish for years to come. It's probably not a good idea to only give them a letter, but it would definitely be the icing on the cake.

Custom Crib Mobile or Artwork for Their Nursery

Browse Etsy and Youtube for ideas and how-tos. If possible, get a look at the baby nursery beforehand so you can make sure it coordinates in color and style.