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7 Awesome Products for Busy Moms

Products for Busy Moms

These are some of our favorite products for the diaper bag and beyond. Read to discover 7 awesome products for moms (and dads too)! We think you'll be as thrilled with these finds as we were when we first discovered them.

Que Bottle

Que Bottle

Whether you’re headed out for a long day or a short trip to the store, the Que bottle expands from short to tall and back again.

The Que bottle is always the right size without taking up valuable space in your diaper bag. It also makes the bottle perfect for toddlers because it can grow with their water needs.

Stasher Bags

Stasher Bag

These are the perfect alternative to heavy snack containers and plastic sandwich bags.

Stasher bags are made from food-safe silicone. Store snacks for you and baby or use them to organize your small items.

The silicone containers make grabbing a snack for the road or packing a lunch fast and environmentally friendly. They’re easy to clean, easy to wash, non-toxic, and come in a range of cute colors!

Caswell Massey Travel Brush

Caswell Massey Pocket Brush

Founded in 1752, Caswell-Massey has been around since before the United States was created. They’re known for their fragrances, however, it’s their travel-sized hairbrush that is the perfect hairbrush for moms on the go.

The hairbrush features both boar and nylon bristles. The nylon quills that extend from a tuft of natural bristles detangle tresses, while the boar bristles distribute your hair’s natural oils and smooth the cuticle – perfect for creating and maintaining healthy hair.

Madsen Cycles

Madsen Bicycle

Madsen Cycles designed a bicycle perfect for families. The 40-gallon cargo/passenger bucket comes equipped with seatbelts for four and removable seating. It comes in six colors: black, red, vintage blue, green, white, and true navy.

If you live in a hilly neighborhood there’s an optional electric assist that’ll help you get up those hills with kids in tow.

Ratio Coffee Maker

Are you a busy mom who likes a jolt of caffeine in the morning? If so, you might as well start your day off in style with the Ratio coffee maker. The Ratio is an automatic coffee machine hand-crafted from die-cast aluminum, borosilicate glass, and real hardwoods.

The best part of the Ratio coffee maker is that it’s stunning to look at. It’s a work of art for your kitchen counter that’s sure to be a conversation starter at every get-together.

JUNO Smart Makeup Mirror

The JUNO Smart Makeup Mirror is a smart makeup mirror, lamp, and reading light in one cute package. It’s rechargeable and cord-free with a charge that lasts up to a week.

With lighting options that mimic day and night light, you can make sure your makeup looks perfect for that date night when you finally get a babysitter for a night off, or when heading back to work.

Click and Grow Indoor Garden

Click and Grow

Fresh herbs are perfect for cooking delicious at home meals, however, tending to a garden can be time-consuming and difficult for city dwellers. And that’s where the Click and Grow comes in to save the day.

The Click and Grow system has 34 edible plants available including strawberries, tomatoes, and peppers in addition to numerous herbs and leafy greens.